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TOTW - Wildcard Upgrade
Add these 4 specific gold players to this set to earn one of the players needed for the Wildcard Hero set.
Chris ThompsonGold84HBWildcard: 8 catches on 8 targets for 89 yards plus 1 rush for 25 yards (114 total yards).
John SimonGold83LOLBWildcard: 8 tackles, 5 tackles resulting in no gain or a loss, and allowed only 2 catches in his zone.
Antwon BlakeGold83CBWildcard: Allowed an incredible 0.0 QB Rating in his zone, allowing only 1 catch for 7 yards in 63 snaps and 1 interception.
Knile DavisGold83HBWildcard: Took the NFL Playoffs opening kickoff 106 yards to the endzone.

Team of the Week Upgrade Pack for the Wild CardBronzeBlitz Topper 2 CPC